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    But this game ive downloaded it says that the minimum system requirements are 512 mb of video graphics card, so will i be able to play it with low settings? I dont care about the high graphics shit, i just want to know if im able to play it& Also, does the ram affect the graphics in any way? Chris Tallant Theres an app called GameAgent that will take a snapshot of your current hardware profile and come back with all the available mac and pc games available (through WINE and bootcamp or VM) and tell you which are on sale or whatever, and even send you email if you want when certain sales for Borderlands or Civ V show up on various sites. Mac Gamer Ric Good comment! I used to do that. You can still play PC games on MacBook, but expect LOW battery life, huge temperature rise and fan overclock noise. I tried to Google for CXE and the links to it on the porting team site were dead. In this guide, we will focus on Wine. I felt bad about my earlier comment really. Bootcamp is generally more stable than Parallels, which should give you a better chance of success! Liam Mulcahy For bootcamp it says it has no emulation but bootcamp emulates windows Mac Gamer Ric Bootcamp allows you to install Windows. It seems as though both are not compatible with OS x 10.7 or later.


    This shjould be fixed in the next update, though. mikelyons Well, Wineskin uses both standard Mac Wine releases (stable and dev) and you can choose at setup whichever one you want to use. Ric Molina Well you know I love Hackintoshs so I can only agree with you there Technically I wouldnt call Hackintosh a different method to play games, but more of a special kind of Mac. It was not difficult once i became familiar with Wineskin. .. CodeWeavers has a free trial version, so nothing to loose by trying out the trail for a couple weeks. You DO have drawbacks when using WIndows OS partition and your mac does NOT run with full potential. As mentioned above, you could always use boot camp or virtual machines to run window softwares (.exe). You would need a monster Graphics card and Ram and processor to run that a the highest settings.


    It basically serves up preconfigured Wineskin wrappers so Paul is still using Wineskin exclusively I think although he did a nice bit about CodeWeavers on his site. I dont care about the upcoming Windows 10 or DirectX 12, etc. Now Im going to ask you 2 things: Tell me in the comments what method do you use Share this guide with all your friends who think Macs cant play games Share: Rate: PreviousF1 2012 Mac review NextGrid Mac review Related Posts The 10 Best Horror games for Mac October 28, 2016 The 10 Best Mac First Person Shooters April 17, 2015 The 10 Best Mac Strategy Games May 1, 2015 Finding Mac games downloads: The Top 5 Stores October 9, 2016 iomek &or build a hackintosh I suppose. Some Steam-play enabled games also include cross-platform multiplayer between Mac and PC! Mac App Store:Apples Mac App Store is also a great place to find hundreds of Mac games. I only wish the campaign was a little longer. I really like the presentation and information they have for every single game they offer.


    I am kind of surprised those guys dont implement some form of DRM to marry it to each game it is used on commercially but thats their problem I guess. Cider is generally tuned on a per release basis for particular games and paid for by commercial publishers to quickly and less expensively create Mac ports of their games. I am even considering upgrading my 2 Xeon processors instead of waiting how the new Pro is gonna turn out. There are many ways to play games on your Mac. doh123 has done the Mac gaming community quite a service by creating, sharing and supporting Wineskin for our use for free. Did she pee on your Wheaties one morning or something? Tom I didnt mean anything malice about my comment, I just prefer dealing with people who use their real name and not a handle. Im starting to lean towards that option, mainly because I dont want to have to install a huge partition of Windows via Bootcamp on my Mac. The other quirk is the game of CoD:MW itself. As a gamer, you can be using OS X for all your everyday activities, but also have Windows 7 running at the same time for occasional gaming.


    Cheers! mikelyons Well, first and foremost here I want to thank you for all the work you contributed to Wine over so many years. For a completeguide on how tu use Wine, check out Cult of Macs great tutorialhere. Macs are expensive for no reason i dont think mac osx has good performance either in 3d or in general they only reason to get a mac is if you want an alternative os and you need professional apps to run on it. Ric Molina I have to agree on that, gaming is supposed to be about having fun and BootCamp also gives you the most performance you can get&. I mean Wineskin does deliver the goods in its basic way and it sure beats the CLI, you know? Although in fairness I hadnt tried anything else either. These are all reported to work on Wines AppDB and seem to here in limited testing of each one. 35c395ab90

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